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Good Day Movers know how valuable your furniture and belongings are!

Good Day Movers

Good Day Movers simply provide professional moving services in Newport Beach, CA for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.


Residential Moving Service: Our professional team has the same level of quality on the each individual moving service provided to our clients. No matter how small or big your apartment is, you will feel the convenience of receiving service from the Good Day Movers!


Commercial Moving Service: Whether you are looking to move a small office of 5-10 people, or a major branch with hundreds of people using the facility, Good Day Movers will provide you with the most reasonable commercial moving rates.


Industrial Moving Service: You are looking to move your warehouse? Good Day Movers is the exact right place for this job, in order to ease your mind with the moving services by having professional moving service.

As professional movers, we are highly dedicated on providing you not only with getting the job done but also a unique experience that will comfort you. In most cases, the number 1 key element for finding a moving company to hire for your planned moving is trust, followed by professionalism and pricing. As a Good Day Movers Team, we are here to provide you with everything you would possibly require from a moving company with reasonable prices.

Professional Moving Company

Finding moving services that will allow you to experience high quality work is hard nowadays, but there are some simple details that will help you understand which moving service provider is more suitable for your needs with high experience in the industry. The first thing that you should pay attention to - a professional moving company is that if they have their registered professional movers within the company instead of using substitute employees. This is highly critical for receiving a standard service provided by a company in consideration of company professionalism and its policy.

At Good Day Movers

At Good Day Movers, all movers who takes care of your move are employed under our company license, so that you will have high standards of services every time you work with our company. Most of these professional movers have around 10 years of experience over in the moving industry. Carrying on the experience with a great harmony of working ethics and customer satisfaction policy is our number one priority in the business.


Trust is highly critical and are built with the professionalism.

In order to receive moving services, you will have to trust your provider with your personal belongings, furniture, and other valuable things.

Reaching that point is only possible with having professional services from a licensed company.

When you are receiving a service from Good Day Movers, you will be guaranteed to have maximum customer satisfaction for all the services. From the very first moment you contact our company, you will experience the difference of dealing with a professional moving company.


Pricing is another critical determinant for.

We have also considered strategic pricing of the provided services thoroughly and adjusted our service fees for our clients to feel comfortable placing an order.

Most of the time, people are tend to receive services from a local moving company, which is an amateur moving service provider, triggered by their below market pricing strategy.

However, based on the personal experience in the past and feedbacks from our clients over the years, we are sure that mainly cheap services received from unprofessional companies end up leading to much higher costs.

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